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  • (1) We the service provider Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH with headquarters in Bayardsgasse 3-5, 50676 Köln acts solely according to the General Terms and Conditions. Other conditions are not in the contract, even if we do not explicitly contradict you.
  • (2) The orders you submit will be processed in the order of receipt. Nevertheless, it is your sole responsibility to submit the application documents in such a timely manner that you have a valid OCI at the time of the planned entry or for the period of the journey. Unforeseen delays cannot be left out when applying for an OCI. The decision on the grant and the date of issue of the OCI will be taken by the competent governmental authority. When submitting your application, the company Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH cannot influence it.
Upon successful submission of your order to fill the OCI application, the terms and conditions of the company Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH as the basis of the service contract between you and us are accepted as binding. However, the application for OCI can only be made to the competent Indian authority. Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH is not responsible for submitting an OCI application to competent Indian authority. The day on which the application can be processed counts the day on which the documents are completely available to the Köner Visa Zentrum GmbH. For incomplete applications, we will try to contact you. The payment of the service fee is basically to be paid in advance either by bank transfer or Cash.Any amounts paid will not be reimbursed by the company Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH, even if the OCI card application is denied or the processing time has been extended.
  • The company Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH is a limited liability company.
  • The Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH provides OCI procurement information in good faith, with the express understanding that this information represents the interpretation of all data provided by the government authority at the time, and the Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH is in no case responsible for errors and / or omissions with regard to this information or to be held responsible.
  • We are not liable for the loss of your data, for failures or errors by the government agency and the resulting additional costs are to be borne by the customer. You are obliged to check your documents for accuracy, completeness and compliance immediately upon receipt. We provide information to the best of our knowledge and belief but assume no responsibility for the accuracy and / or completeness of information provided by us. Upon submitting your OCI application to competent Indian authority you will receive informations directly from them, we are not responsible to receive any information for you from the Indian authority.
  • The court of jurisdiction for both sides is Köln. The application of German law is agreed.
  • Severability clause
  • In the event that a clause should be ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.
  • Kölner Visa Zentrum GmbH
  • Bayardsgasse 3-5
  • 50676 Cologne
  • Tax number: 214/5810/3371
  • Commercial Register: HRB 74884 District Court Köln
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