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E-OCI Application

  • Part A and Part B duly filled in and signed/thumb impression and foto of the child should upload. All documents should upload We will process and upload OCI / PIO to OCI / OCI transfers for you. For Part A: The Signature and 2 Photos by Post. For Part B: Please send us the scanned copy of all required documentation. The cost you 20.00 euros and Pro scann copy print 1,00 Euro. Please transfer the total amount to the lower bank account and send us the proof of payment by e-mail.2. Copy of the application form
  • Copy of the application form
  • 2 recent and identical photographs
  • - 5 x 5cm, without border - showing full frontal view of the person's head and shoulders - having a white or light coloured background - No glare if wearing glasses
  • Copy of the present passport of the applicant
  • Copy of the nationality certificate of the applicant
  • Copy of the previous Indian passport (first and last page) of the applicant OR any document which clearly establishes applicant's previous nationality as Indian
  • Copy of Current Registration Certificate (Meldebescheinigung)
  • For Children below 18 years – Copy of the present passport of the Parents
  • For non-German Passport holders - a copy of ‘Meldebescheinigung’ from the concerned local authorities (Proof of registration)
  • Surrender Certificate (Naturalization before 1 August 2005, no Surrender Certificate is required.) and Declaration from parents that the children never had Indian passport. (form download)
  • a good quality self addressed envelope of suitable size
  • proof of the bank transfer of requisite fee (Copy of the Payment transfer slip) (reason for transfer – DEU No. and First name and Surname of the applicant)
  • Fee: 219+13,50 = 232,50 + 19,00 Euro DHL
We are recommending DHL dispatch for 19 € No Indian passport last page copy with you, kindly bring the certificate from German authority: The Indian passport was confiscated on the day the document oithanded out Kindly send us the following as soon as possible without which your application cannot be processed. Once completed application in all respect including payment of prescribed fee, is received, your application will be processed immediately. A line in confirmation is highly appreciated.