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E-OCI Application

Hints for the Application of E-Oci for Indian :-
Working Time
Until five days after Entrance of the complete documents and Fees without returns.
Stay Duration
Until 60days Stay with one-time Entry.
Total Price
To transfer 80,00 Euro in advance on our Bank account. Account Owner- Cologne Visa Center GmbH. Bank: Commerce Bank. BIC: COBADEFFXXX. IBAN: DE 31370400440191151000.
Your OCI is received through E-Mail. Kindly send the following documents through Post or Courier. Kindly print and submit with Passport at the Entry
Cologne Visa Center GmbH
  • Bayardsgasse 3
  • 50676 Cologne
To apply for an E-OCI for you, we require following documents to be send through Post..
The necessary documents for E-Visa are :
  • Scanned Bio-Sides of Passport with Foto and Details.
  • Scanned Bio-Sides of Passport with Foto and Details.
  • Copy of Letter of affected Hospital in India on the Letterhead.
A clean copy of Passport (Passport must be valid for atleast six months)